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Who are we ? How do we work ?


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What is Communecter ?

"COmmunecter" : this french neologism means "to be connected to my town" (se connecter à sa commune). It has been given to project as this latter is a toolbox for citizen collaboration , open for all. The project also works as societal and innovative network, open source and free. It helps for the developpement of a territory through a local approach (district, town, city, ...). Ths internet platform provides tools and functions adapted to interchanges, project construction; they facilitate debates and the expression of the needs in one hand, and service proposals in the other.
Inhabitants, organizations, companies, public bodies in one territory : Communecter has been developped to connect them to each other.

Philosophy of Communecter

Pixel Humain doesn't represent the platform anymore but the community participating to the project.

Find out more + about the story and the mainspring of the project : code social




Version française


  •   LIVE : leaf the calendar of local actions
  •   EVENTS : browse events that happen around you
  •   ADVERTS : sail properties or services, propose or search for human or material  ressources
  •   AGORA : refer to votes and citizen consultations


  •   CO-SPACE : a governance tool reinforcing the collaboration between the members of an organisation or a project who are working on the same undertaking.
  •   CHAT: an instant chat system (Rocket Chat)
  •   GALLERY : spread knowledge and save it source; share a list of useful weblinks

Additionnal applications

  • Internal cartography : browse a panorama of the elements that have been geolocated under your research. 
  • Survey : create a multiple-choice questionnaire which will be visible in the live.
  • Tags : it will help you to classify the elements by theme.
  • Notifications : it notifies you when there are new publications.
  • Follow : follow a page or a user in order to see their new publications.
  • Invite : invite an user to join a page (or someone by mail) and sort the members by roles (e.g. : administrator, coach, community manager etc..)
  • Make public : pour afficher un message sur le journal d'un élément, possibilité de choisir l'audience de la publication et de mentionner des citoyens et organisations
  • Internationalisation : pour changer de pays (langue de l'interface et lieux proposés)
  • Espaces commentaires
  • Exporter : récupérer son profil en JSON
  • Visualisation en graphes : un graphe interactif des écosystèmes présents dans Communecter


  • COSTUM : plateforme sociale personnalisé ré-utilisant toutes ou partie des fonctionnalités de la plateforme
  • FORMULAIRE : récoltez et analysez de l'information par questionnaire
  • NETWORK : création de cartes personnalisées
  • ONE PAGE : page statique stylisée

Who are we ?

Lively pixels

Who are those hyper-active contributors ?

Those people are strongly involved in the project. Some are employees of Open Atlas, some are volunteers and sometimes they have been working for years to push the project forward :  Tibor, Tom, Jahne, Sitti, Clément, Raphaël, Jérôme et Édith.

Those historical contributors of COmmunecter are sincerly delighted to greet the newcomers. Rather than constituting a narrow circle in which people have to prove theirselves to fit in, they are part of an open and friendly community :)

Open Atlas is regularly looking for trainees or recruiting for civic service. If you'd like to know more about the roles of the members, please click on this link.


A nice community of ambassadors also exists to develop the use of COmmunecter within a territory or in the community they are part of.


They provide funds to sustain the platform and help us to improve it ! Click on the role "Donateur" in the Pixel Humain community to find them.

Active pixels

They frequently contribute to the project in different ways. For example, Stephan helps us to translate the website and Jean-Batiste sometimes suggests what improvements could be set.

Ambassadors are also part of this group.

Our friends

We interact with numerous collective of groups. We are peculiarly closed to La Myne, Chez Nous and La Raffinerie.

You can find our interchanges with larger community as OpenStreetMap or Zéro Déchet (Zero Waste) -> here.