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Let's build together the future of the territory we live in

The societal network Communecter is lead by the non-profit association Open Atlas and a community of contributors around the world.

Give a boost to Communecter

Updated : 28 June 2019

To be organised we have set several tools each with a specific function. We use Rocket.Chat to chat, Nextcloud to share online ressources, HackMD to share collaborative notes in markdown, etc... More informations :  Use internal tools.
If you aspire to become a regular contributor, let's join the group of contributors of Commnecter.  Therefore you will be able to access to the governance space of the project governance space of the project. (Don't worry if you don't speak French, many of us are english speaker)

Test the tool

Reporting a bug is a simple and useful way to improve this common good. 👍 .

Find the community of tester-users here :

How to test the tool

We frequently explain the process to follow in the chat #cobaye. Moreover, there is another way to contribute to bug hunting :

  1. Chose a ticket with the label to test  or test another functionality (list) : direct link
  2. Sign in to :
  3. Test the handling described on the ticket
  4. Comment the ticket (this requires a GitLab account) or share your ou faites nous part de vos remark on the wall of the group.

Some advices to report a bug :

  • Screenshot the bug, if possible as a .gif (as explained bellow).
  • Open the console (Ctrl+Maj+K)
  • Set one message after another (1 message = 1 bug)
  • Perform test by changing one or two settings
    • Use the safe mode of your browser (firefox)
    • Disable extensions (ex : les blockers and cookies)
    • Realise your action in another element
    • Realise your action with antoher browser

How to report a bug

This is the list of solutions you have to report a bug to the developers. choices Plusieurs solutions s'offrent à vous pour faire part d'un bug aux développeurs (list below by order of preference).

  • Leave a message here
  • Create a issue on  GitLab
  • Leave a message on the chat
  • Send an e-mail
  • Or send a mail if you dare  🤓

To sign in to Gitlab you first need to create your account and to sign in on : fill the form (the form is in french, you can ask us to help you translating while you are filling the form)

Save a screenshot

Simple screenshot

Tutorial : Windows, Linux et Mac.

 Firefox Screenshot

Video capture