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2 - Using the tool

Nowadays, many people get the habit to be daily connected to a network with the aim of giving and...

Contributors : Homepage

How to contribute to Communecter

Let's build together the future of the territory we live in The societal network Communect...

Rencontre PRMA - Open Atlas

Smarterre TCO Kiltir

LE PRMA RENCONTRE OPEN ATLAS 17-09-19 PRMA : Pôle Régional des Musique Actuelles de la Réunion ...

Création d'une plateforme numérique ESS-TCO

Smarterre TCO Économie sociale et solidaire

Smarterre TCO : les débuts d'un projet expérimental territorial

Smarterre TCO

________________________ En avril 2019, le TCO (Territoire de la Côte Ouest de la Réunion) signe...

Smarterre, projet de société utopique

La démarche Smarterre

     La crise écologique et climatique couplée au déséquilibre social auquel est confronté notre ...

Réunions de groupe Open Atlas

Opalo (Open Atlas s'organise) Suivi des réunions


Test the tool

How to contribute to Communecter

Reporting a bug is a simple and useful way to improve this common good. 👍 . Find the community o...

Who are we ?

1 - About the project

Lively pixels Who are those hyper-active contributors ? Those people are strongly involved in t...


2 - Using the tool

Version française Presentation "Communecter in your pocket" Working and discussion group : #co...


1 - About the project Functionalities

Version française Applications   SEARCH ENGINE: trace stakeholders from a territory ...


1 - About the project

Version française What is Communecter ? "COmmunecter" : this french neologism means "to be ...

To communect my town

2 - Using the tool

Version française Bringing closer citizens and their reprensentatives In progress It has to ...

Communect my federation

2 - Using the tool

Version française Presentation Communecter is a really useful tool for communities which are or...

Communect my organization

2 - Using the tool

Version française Presentation The functionnalities of Communecter are particularly suitable fo...

To communect my media

2 - Using the tool

Version française Local medias have a important role to play in society. They collect and spread...

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