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What is Communecter ?

"COmmunecter" : this french neologism means "to be connected to my town" (se connecter à sa commune). It has been given to project as this latter is a toolbox for citizen collaboration , open for all. The project also works as societal and innovative network, open source and free. It helps for the developpement of a territory through a local approach (district, town, city, ...). Ths internet platform provides tools and functions adapted to interchanges, project construction; they facilitate debates and the expression of the needs in one hand, and service proposals in the other.
Inhabitants, organizations, companies, public bodies in one territory : Communecter has been developped to connect them to each other.

Philosophy of Communecter

Pixel Humain doesn't represent the platform anymore but the community participating to the project.

Find out more + about the story and the mainspring of the project : code social