2 - Using the tool

Tutorial, first steps, ...


Nowadays, many people get the habit to be daily connected to a network with the aim of giving and getting news from their close relatives or from the world's situation. Communecter is a social network, however it stands out from the ones we used to use from 2008 by its open source code (which means you can contribute to the platform and know how it works). Moreover, the visible datas on the website are in opendata : you can copy and reuse them on other platforms.
The interest of using Communecter can be seen in its  capacity to reference local initiatives located in an defined area, and the importance given to facilitate the dialogue between local stakeholders (associations, citizens, informal groups, local companies etc...)

Some advices to start

  1. Create your account from the homepage
  2. Complete your profile by clicking on your handle on the top right  then on "About" on the left column.
  3. Follow people and organizations that you like
  4. Join the organizations that you are already part of, create the page if it doesn't exist yet on the network. You can also ask for being the administrator if you considered yourself as strongly involved.

Ask for help

Communecter pour les nuls (Communecter for beginners) is THE page that you should follow in order to ask questions and see others' ones. Tips and tutos are published in order to get you informed.

Bring your community with you

Communecter might be more useful for you if your community (e.g. family, friends, colleagues, project partner•s) is also there. Here above a suggestion for creating your ecosystemic world  :

  1. Create and complete the profile of your group
  2. Invite them via mail
  3. Start by listing your projects or events to come if there is any
  4. Post a little message of arrival on the Live 😃
  5. Experiment the Chat/Messaging and the Cooperative space (Co-space)

Common questions

Can I create an account for my organization ? It is admitted that every initiatives emerging in a given space come from individuals so there is no special account for organization that can be created. However, once connected, whoever citizen can create an organization, an event or a project.

My project already exists on the network, how can I modify it ? By default option, every description is in open access. If it is the case of you project, you just need to be connected to access to its edition's settings. If the open access has been desactivated, only members can modify the informations. More informations + : Roles.

I don't want anyone to be able to modify the informations of my project. How can I limit the access ? Join the event, the project or the organization as an administrator then click on sur Settings > Privacy settings.

Why is Communcter hosted by Amazon ? It is one of our most important concern about the project. We have the firm intention to leave Amazon, but unfortunately this implies human and financial ressources that we can't currently assume. Please read this article explaining our choice (french).

Do you allow pseudonymity ? Yes, anyone can use their pseudo instead of their names.


First step

Learn about the project

Create your account on Communecter

Nothing too tricky, reach the homepage http://communecter.org

Open Edition

Communect my organization

Version française


The functionnalities of Communecter are particularly suitable for organizations practices as the network is fundamentally dedicated to stakeholders and local initiatives.

Where to begin ?

Only few minutes are sufficient to start exchanging on Communecter

1 - Set the stage

Start with the creation of the biggest elements of your community. No need to spend hours on this, the objective is to display what it is possible to do on Communecter and to make easier the contributions to come.

Great, my working group is already created. Hop ! As the profile picture is missing, let's add it and anounce the date of the next meeting.

  1. Create your organization by using the button on the lower left-hand
  2. Complete its profile via the different apparent tabs
  3. Publish a welcoming message