Test the tool

Reporting a bug is a simple and useful way to improve this common good. 👍 .

Find the community of tester-users here : communecter.org/#@cobaye

How to test the tool

We frequently explain the process to follow in the chat #cobaye. Moreover, there is another way to contribute to bug hunting :

  1. Chose a ticket with the label to test  or test another functionality (list) : direct link
  2. Sign in to : communecter.org
  3. Test the handling described on the ticket
  4. Comment the ticket (this requires a GitLab account) or share your ou faites nous part de vos remark on the wall of the group.

Some advices to report a bug :

  • Screenshot the bug, if possible as a .gif (as explained bellow).
  • Open the console (Ctrl+Maj+K)
  • Set one message after another (1 message = 1 bug)
  • Perform test by changing one or two settings
    • Use the safe mode of your browser (firefox)
    • Disable extensions (ex : les blockers and cookies)
    • Realise your action in another element
    • Realise your action with antoher browser

How to report a bug

This is the list of solutions you have to report a bug to the developers. choices Plusieurs solutions s'offrent à vous pour faire part d'un bug aux développeurs (list below by order of preference).

  • Leave a message here
  • Create a issue on  GitLab
  • Leave a message on the chat
  • Send an e-mail
  • Or send a mail if you dare  🤓

To sign in to Gitlab you first need to create your account and to sign in on  adullact.net : fill the form (the form is in french, you can ask us to help you translating while you are filling the form)

Save a screenshot

Simple screenshot

Tutorial : Windows, Linux et Mac.

 Firefox Screenshot

Video capture