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Communecter is a really useful tool for communities which are organized as local groups. This societal network is helpful at every scale of your network :

  • Different kind of tools associated to open gouvernance are available to be organized within a local group.
  • Communecter makes exchanges more efficient between local groups. By spreading news in a federate way, members and supporters of your group will stay informed of what is happening within your network.
  • Globally, your federation is poised as a stakeholder of the thematic in which you are engaged.

Communecter helps any user who is looking for their local community, in order to get organized, to discuss and to share informations internally, while keeping an eye on what is happening somewhere else. It is caracterized as a glocal tool.

Certain Asssemblies of the commons or local collective Zero Waste are already using Communecter. This documentation demonstrates some facts that the pixels humains collective have been noticed within the networks they are contributing to.

We will be delighted to exchange with you about what you experienced with the tools you are currently using and also with Communecter. Please contact us via :

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How are set the enhancements ?

If a need is noticed in several communities and if the required functionnality is matching with the spirit of the project, the team will be ready work for its developpement. Financially, we are not always able to realize it, however it happened that people supporting the idea or the project will help with giving funds for it achievement. Concretely, if your local groups bring forward similar needs, we can co-organize a collect within your community to collect the amount requisite for the developpement of the functionnality.

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